Your Trusted Landscape Partner

Solid Ground Landscaping is Australia’s only purpose built landscaping and sports turf company. We have grown our company from the ground up with one objective in mind:  
to deliver a range of horticultural services that enhance our customers’ worlds. 

  • Ensuring our customer’s success drives us: we get it!
  • Never allowing our customers to wonder what is happening: we’re proactive
  • Always hiring the BEST people: no stupid mistakes as a result of inexperience
  • Letting our work do the talking: actions speak louder than words
  • Inspiring the people around us: inspired and engaged people achieve more together
  • Always looking for a better way: never letting our relationships stagnate
  • Being better: holding ourselves to a higher standard

Our hand-picked team of professionals – all experts in their field and each with more than 20 years’ experience – have a clear vision for delivering landscape maintenance outcomes with a focus on service excellence, innovation and professionalism.

You will have the reassurance of working with managers who provide corporate discipline and an on-the-ground team that takes the time to understand your business objectives. Clients tell us that “dealing with Solid Ground Landscaping gives us the best of both worlds – small business attention with big business support!”

Imagine the possibilities

The presentation of your grounds and gardens, sports turf and gardens are a direct reflection of you, your business and the brand you want to build. Your organisation’s success and the positive perception you create for customers and employees is dramatically influenced by how your external landscape is presented. Choosing the right partner to be the steward of that space is critical. Here’s an example of what we mean: A highly successful independent school that I have partnered with for many years, believes everyone has a talent for something, and it is the school’s job to discover and develop this talent. This goal can only be achieved if students, and their parents, believe the school community cares. At the school, this perception of care is built over time and through a number of interactions – the care taken with the school’s grounds, lawns, sports fields and gardens is an important part of creating this perception. The school’s leaders and educators believe that pathways littered with leaves, neglected gardens full of weeds and thin, inconsistent sports fields would lead students and parents to wonder: ‘’if you don’t care about your own school, why are you going to care for me? If you aren’t investing in your school, how can I be sure you are investing in me?’’ The message in this story is one that we apply to all of our partner organisations: we help you demonstrate – through your landscape and external environment – your care and commitment to the people who make your organisation thrive.

Our Industry Expertise

We work for leading organisations in a wide variety of industries, including:

  • Education
  • Health and retirement communities
  • Resort, entertainment and retail centres
  • Residential developers
  • Homeowner communities
  • Large corporate campuses
  • Open public space managers

How we can help you

Our services include:

  • Presentation and improvement of external spaces
  • Mowing lawns
  • Maintaining gardens
  • Sweeping and cleaning of hardstand surfaces
  • Tending to sports fields
  • Preparing cricket wickets
  • Grooming golf courses
  • Managing water resources
  • Caring for trees