Solid Ground have assembled the best leadership team in the industry for YOU. 
We believe great leadership is the best way to develop, engage and retain high performing teams. Teams that never stop raising the bar
when it comes to OUR CUSTOMERS and the service outcomes, innovation and results we deliver.


Mark James


Mark has over 20 years’ experience in trade-based businesses and is one of the industry’s most successful and influential leaders. He has driven change when it comes to the trade services industry and under his management has led people and organisations away from inward looking, restrictive cultures to externally focused, customer-led organisations.

At a recent business leaders conference Mark noted that “…in this modern world of business just saying we are a customer focused organisation is not enough. Everyone says it. Companies need to appreciate that their people are their brand ambassadors and are the ones responsible for delivering customer service. Unless those people are motivated, engaged and positively committed to their company’s brand promise, then customer service won’t be achieved. Getting this part of the equation right lies with the business leaders and their ability to create and maintain a service orientated culture….”

As the CEO of Solid Ground Landscaping, Mark leads a motivated and engaged team of people who are absolutely committed to the company’s brand promise.

“….customers deserve world leading service that is personalised and genuine. At Solid Ground Landscaping our teams care enough to delight our customers….. their success drives us….


Justin Hollis


Justin comes to Solid Ground Landscaping after spending the last 20 years leading change in the landscaping and sports turf industry on the east coast of Australia. His leadership and change management centres on the effective implementation of customer service strategies, driving trade team performance standards to meet world’s best practice and constantly refining product / service innovation, ensuring we always find a better way.

“…I believe success in the landscaping and sports turf business is very simple, do what you say you were going to do AND do it in the time frames you committed to get it done in…”.

While a very simple strategy, in the landscaping industry customers are too often let down. Solid Ground Landscaping will always deliver on its promise, leaving customers truly delighted with the experience.

“…having worked for some customer groups in excess of 15 years, experience tells me that a passionate focus on your customer, making the effort to clearly understand their business model AND how the presentation of their grounds, gardens and sports turf drives their success leads to win-win relationships that are highly valued…”.

As the Chief Operating Officer of Solid Ground Landscaping, Justin will ensure all our customer relationships are strong and never stagnate, that we are always looking to improve our service standards and that we are constantly adding value to our customers, their sites and their business success.

Brad Thomas

NSW State Operations Manager

Brad joined Solid Ground Landscaping as our NSW State Operations Manager bringing with him over 20 years of industry experience and a commitment to make sure all our clients see in their landscape that detail is the difference”.  The difference between us and our competition.

“Any landscaping company can provide a basic gardening, mowing or sports turf service where quality standards are done to 90% of what we consider best practice.  To really impress customers you need to deliver 100% of the quality outcomes…. and that means getting that last 10% right, because that is what they remember”.

Brad leads our team of trade professionals who are committed to getting that last 10% right.  Our people have proven track records of success when it comes to delivering “A Class” horticultural outcomes.  That means for YOU appealing and inviting turf areas, healthy, manicured and vibrant gardens, colourful entry statement planting strategies and a landscape at your site that adds significant value to you, the success of your organisation and its people.

As the NSW State Operations Manager of Solid Ground Landscaping, Brad will nurture and grow our trades’ people and continue to build in them our corporate values of honesty, hard work and the commitment to serve…“because it is through a genuine commitment of service to our customers that we succeed”.