With four (4) sports field re-construction projects to be completed over December 15 and January 16, our sports turf team have been working around the clock over Christmas to make sure we deliver the quality outcomes our customers have come to expect from us in the time frames that they require.

Pictured above is one of our recent projects at Waratah Oval. We cultivated the soil profile, mixed in 160 tonne of imported soillaser leveled and put down approximately 8,000m2 of Santa Anna Couch. To make sure the turf is flourishing at the completion of the maintenance period, we also supplied and installed a temporary irrigation system to give our client piece of mind that the moisture levels will be right at all times, enabling optimum establishment. With just the re-construction of the baseball diamond left to do in the first few weeks of January, we are on track to deliver another quality result for our customer.

If you need a quote or advice on how to make your sports field better please do not hesitate to contact Justin (0498 222 726) or Mark (0407 824 414) at any time. We would love to hear from you.