Simply put, the benefits of installing an irrigation system in your sports field or lawn far outweigh the initial investment – and can save you big money in the long run.

  • Water Conservation – correctly installed and positioned sprinklers can reduce unnecessary over-spray and improves efficiency in water-usage (in the process decreasing your water costs). Head-to-Head sprinklers allows water to be distributed evenly to all areas and avoid over or under watering. Rain and Weather Sensors can be installed to reduce/increase water usage dependant on the shifting weather patterns.
  • Technology – these days systems are super easy to monitor, and can even be monitored and controlled remotely using apps on your mobile devices. Each zone, and each setting is fully-customisable to your requirements, and environmental conditions.
  • Assist to prevent disease – Not only does a happy healthy lawn look and feel amazing under your feet, it is much less susceptible and more resilient to attack by pest and disease. This also means a reduction in the need for chemicals; a positive for the environment, and a positive for your budget.
  • Reduced Labour/Time – No more time wasted moving and rotating sprinklers, not to mention the time spent untangling unruly hoses.
  • Minimise impact on users – Irrigation systems are set on timers to only water when convenient, and avoid disrupting users. A lush consistent playing surface makes for a safer and fairer game.
  • Increase water retention – regularly watered soil, retains more water (and increases nutrient availability to the turf), than soil that has dried out and may have become hydrophobic.
  • Avoid Major (and sometimes costly) Turf Replacement – healthy lawns don’t require it; just aerate once a year to help with easing compaction, top dress if needed, mow regularly, irrigate and keep the sunshine up to it and you will ensure the success of your turf for seasons to come.

Our Queensland team are doing a fantastic job, assisting this School improve their main sports field ready for Summer sport. This is a progress shot of the current irrigation installation – trenches are dug, field stripped and laser levelled in preparation for new turf and the irrigation lines are ready to go in. Another exciting project by the Solid Ground Landscaping Team!