During this renovation season we have had the privilege of aerating hundreds of hectares of sports fields for customers using our Agri-vator.

…. and the feedback has been AMAZING.

The Solid Ground Landscaping Agri-Vator is leading edge technology from the United States and holds a number of advantages over a standard aerating machine.   Our Agri-vator not only causes extensive fracturing of the root zone via its 150mm tines, that significantly improve the infiltration of air, nutrients and water through the soil profile BUT is aggravates left to right during the aerating process, loosening the soil and dramatically reducing compaction.  This process is a vital safety precaution on sports fields as it alleviates playing surface density and softens the profile.

We also have the great honour of working on some of Sydney’s great landmark sites, as you can see in the photo above.  What a work place!

If you would like your sports field aerated please do not hesitate to contact Justin (0498 222 726) or Mark (0407 824 414) at any time, we would love to hear from you.