Nothing says ‘steeped in tradition’ like a meticulously maintained rose garden. For centuries roses have been celebrated for their beauty, fragrance and symbolic value. While red roses are synonymous with passion and love, roses have also represented a strong desire for victory – remember the White Rose of York from War of the Roses fame? Ahhh the memories…

Today, there are over 30,000 registered varieties in the world, of which one particular variety is held in the highest regard at Solid Ground… the all-important Client Rose. It’s an industry truth, presentation of the Client Rose can make or break reputations.

Presentation and well-being of the Client Rose is everything. Recently our horticulturalists have been rewarded for displaying the species at its absolute finest – as pictured in one of our award-winning client gardens.

If your roses are under-performing – then talk to Solid Ground. We can promise you flower-filled summer months full of perfect Client Roses that will enhance your brand for many years to come.