Our landscape enhancement crews have been busy over the last few weeks enhancing one of Sydney’s great parkland areas.  When the Park owners and operators were in need of a specialist landscaping company to assist them with the re-leveling and turfing of several grass beach areas throughout this landmark park they called on Solid Ground Landscaping for help.

Sectional turf areas that adjoined beautiful sandstone edged walkways were removed, a USGA triple washed sand imported and compacted to re-establish levels and following a bit of preparation work, topped with lush green leaves washed couch….. AND the results were amazing (as you can see above).

Our trade teams are looking forward to completing several more sections between now and Christmas, continuing our work in what has to be one of the countries more beautiful work places.

If you need a quote or advice on how to make your green open space areas better please do not hesitate to contact Justin (0498 222 726) or Mark (0407 824 414) at any time.  We would love to hear from you.