Sports field renovation time is fast approaching!  If you want to deliver quality fields for your Summer sports programme that not only look good, but that are also safe for the players and umpires of the game…now is the time to act!

In order to achieve quality fields, top dressing is required.  Top dressing is as the name suggests; the spreading of a layer of soil on top of the existing turf.  The reason why this step is crucial is four-fold, it adds a layer of nutrient rich topsoil; it levels the sports fields; it changes the soil texture; and it acts as thatch control.

Aeration of turf is then required to alleviate compaction and assist the infiltration of air, water and nutrients into the soil profile.  This simple process will allow the turf to breathe easier under stress.

Compacted soil is a common cause of turf deterioration.  When the soil of the field is compacted, the particles are forced together so tightly there is no room for roots to grow and thrive.  That’s where Solid Ground Landscaping comes in.  Our Agri-vator will create holes in the turf, whilst also loosening the once-compacted soil in order for the air, water, nutrients to penetrate the profile and create an environment for the roots of the turf to grow deeply and produce a stronger, denser and greener turf.  The loosening of the turf also provides the players will a safer field to play on.

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