Who else is excited for Spring? Flowers make everyone happy, right?

Spring is a wonderful time of year because it is full of possibilities. In addition to the health boost the extra daylight and warmer temperatures bring, this season can also positively affect the happiness and well-being of the entire community, with more time spent outside enjoying nature and the changing landscape. Flowers in particular have been shown in scientific studies to improve overall health and emotional well-being. Who doesn’t love that!?

The Solid Ground Landscaping team have been working hard these last few months to make sure all our Clients get the best possible outcomes this Spring – and we are not slowing down! As well as completing numerous enhancement projects in our Schools, Sports Fields, Retirement Villages and Conference Centres –  our teams have been busy preparing all our clients’ gardens and lawns for maximum Spring growth. We’re gearing up for a busy and exciting season!

One of our Horticulturists took this collection of photos last Spring at the entrance to one of the Retirement Villages we have the pleasure of maintaining. These images are proof that with a touch of knowledge, love and care – what our team do best – plants really can have a huge impact on your property and its community. This garden bed of around 40 rose plants (and seasonal annuals – just in case there isn’t enough colour already!) makes for a popular meeting spot for the residents, and is proudly maintained by our wonderful team for the enjoyment of all passers-by and staff at the village.

Is your garden ready to bloom?