When one of the major sporting venues in Western Sydney were looking to complete their sports turf renovations, it was Solid Ground Landscaping they turned to.

After bring down their cut heights and double scarifying the ovals to remove an unwanted thatch layer and winter rye grass, it was the Solid Ground Landscaping sports turf team they called on to finish the job by spreading 132 tonnes of USGA washed sand across their 2 soccer fields.

AND…. the results speak for themselves.

Delivering one of the best top dressing outcomes the venue’s facility manager had seen, including a thorough clean-up of the car park area where the sand was dropped, we are looking forward to continuing our partnership with the Venue’s management by delivering quality sports turf outcomes in the coming months and years ahead.

The Solid Ground Landscaping team are really grateful to all our customers for the support they give us, our people and our business.  It is a privilege we never take for granted.