After a short break over Christmas, our curators were back at it getting sports fields and cricket wickets ready for play.

We knew our team were on their game when, with short notice, we were faced with the challenge of getting up a wicket for a 20/20 match on the Friday afternoon, followed by two consecutive one day games on the Saturday and Sunday.  With a “customer comes first” attitude and a very busy works programme in front of us, we had no choice but to pull out the big guns, with Justin “donning” the Solid Ground Greens to make sure we delivered.

The day 2 wicket is pictured above.

As I think you will agree, we prepared a wicket that had a bit in it for both bat and ball, with the verdict from the players and management (which is what really counts) being “it was a belter”.

There was plenty of runs scored on all 3 days of play with wickets falling to good bowling, encouraging the pacemen to bend their backs.

If you need a quote or advice on how to make your turf wickets better please do not hesitate to contact Justin (0498 222 726) or Mark (0407 824 414) at any time.  We would love to hear from you.